Uplift Media


The UK's leading digital pub and bar network connecting brands with the hard to reach in-bar audiences.

We work with the UK's leading agencies and brands to deliver effective, flexible and innovative in-venue campaigns and consumer experiences, creating a network to connect with consumers. UpLift Media can therefore amplify brand campaigns, support brand platforms and product trials, increase social advocacy and build the link to mobile.

Why UpLift Media?

Flexibility to deliver relevant brand messages at scale, allowing brands to take advantage of our national network.

Smarter ways to engage your potential and existing customers. Delivering eye level (hot spot) visibility behind the bar, at the key point of purchase locations. Reduces wastage and compliance issues and gives smaller brands the opportunity to engage with consumers and support customers. We believe some traditional POS has little relevance to our Millennial audience.
Fully dynamic, digital capabilities that allow targeted messages based on location, time of day or content. Consumers are in an environment where they can be influenced between six and eight impacts per visit.

Bringing the audience closer to you

For agencies and brands, UpLift Media has the ability to target your message at specific audience demographics, reduce wastage and increase ROI. Our rapidly expanding network enables brands to connect with hard to reach consumers in the bars and pubs of the UK.

1 million+ weekly audience

2 hour dwell time

Male Bias

Ability to target a light-weight hard to reach TV audience.


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