Uplift Media


An innovative digital screen solution to help promote your brands, offers and events that will deliver additional value to your business. The UK’s largest "in venue" digital screen network, backed by Molson Coors and Sky.

Welcome to UpLift Media

Two digital high definition Samsung screens that are no bigger than the paper posters you currently use, installed in your venue at no cost. One screen is located behind the bar and other in a high footfall area to achieve the best impact with your customers.
They will be installed in your outlet by our skilled Sky engineers, ensuring the job is completed to the highest standard.
We provide UpLift Media to you for free, though the benefits do not stop there. Every month you will receive a 20% share of the revenue generated from selling the advertising space on your screens. In addition to this, UpLift Media can help drive footfall and repeat visits to your venue. 43% of UpLift Media customers already agree that it helps to increase venue revenue.
Four advertising slots are kept entirely for you to promote events and promotions that are specific to your venue. If you are showing Sky Sports, you will have the ability to promote all the upcoming games. In addition to this there will also be a range of other brands and services advertising on your screens. Mixing quality brand advertising with yours means customers will take notice, but don’t worry, we make sure only relevant adverts are shown on your screens, including the brands that are stocked. The added benefit of additional brands advertising means that we can give you this solution for free.

Why UpLift Media

No1 Network Solution

UpLift Media is backed by some of the leading companies in the licenced trade, and is now the No1 screen solution in the on trade throughout the UK.

We will consistently improve our offer, which all ladders up to success for you.

Dedicated Screens

We don't utilise your existing TV screens, we install dedicated screens into your venue.

This means the screens can communicate to your customers all day long and when you are busiest.

Hassle Free Revenue

Once the screens are installed you can choose to utilise the screens as much or as little as you want.

Either way, the solution will be working to make you money.

A Personalised Solution

UpLift Media reserves a slot for you so you can create your own events and offers.

You have the ability to create your own communications. As a customer you will have access to the Advert Creator, where with a few simple steps you can create an advert and it will be ready to show in minutes. Click here to see for yourself.
The solution allows you to create multiple adverts and store these in your account. If you want to have more than one advert live on the screen at any one time, simply schedule it in the Advert Creator and they will appear at that time, allowing you get the right message to your customers at the right time.
If you show Sky Sports in your venue an advert will appear on the screen promoting all the latest events. If you want to make sure you only promote the Sky Sports events you will be showing you simply log in to your "My Sky Sports" account where you can turn on and off the events you want to show on your screen.
Putting all your communications via the UpLift Media screens means they are guaranteed to be visible with your customers when you want them. With all the adverts showing in high definition quality they look great and will give you a better impact than traditional paper posters.


Then click on the contact us button below and we will be in touch to see if you are eligible to have these screens installed into your venue.